More information and characters will be added as the story continues. I tried my best to not reveal any spoilers and provide just the bare minimum of their characters. Anything else will be revealed in-story (of course).

Akiyama Lilly (秋山リリー)

“Me? There’s not much to say. I’m just a normal junior high student.”

Birthday: September 10 (Age 14)

Height: 164 cm

By her own definition, ‘ordinary and out of the way.’ Loves to read. Known for her blonde hair, blue eyes, bushy eyebrows, and mole by left side of her mouth. Though she’s not too fond of them herself. Unlike her best friend Haruko Rea, she prefers to be in the background. Has a hidden snarky and sarcastic personality that many are not aware of. After Rea confesses her true feelings to Lilly on her birthday, strange things begin occurring to and around her. The story begins with her struggling to make sense of these phenomena, and her own feelings for Rea.

Haruko Rea (陽子レア)

“Wassup! I’m always looking for an adventure! Hit me up if you wanna play, I’ll bring Lilly!”

Birthday: May 5 (Age 14)

Height: 144 cm

If Lilly was of ice, Rea would be the one to thaw her. Outgoing and loud, she’s always looking for something to do and someone to play with, although such a fiery personality has its merits and faults (like her infamous stubbornness). Known for her red hair, which she keeps up in a ponytail. Very insecure of her height. Loves to play metal and jazz on her guitar. Her favorite food is donuts. On Lilly’s birthday, she decides to confess to her, after which many odd phenomena began to occur. She tries to support Lilly to during this tumultuous time, but she may be more connected to these events than she thinks.

Hinata Megumi (陽向恵)


Birthday: January 24 (Age 14)

Height: 156 cm

A shy, quiet girl. Prone to avoiding others and keeping only a very select few close. The only thing that stands out about her is her headband and glasses. Being in the same class with Rea since elementary school, she is very fond of Rea for befriending her. Generally unaware of what’s going on between Lilly and Rea, but she has her suspicions. Unbeknownst to many, she loves horror stories and detective novels. She is the president of the Society of Occult Literature club.

Midori Ayase (あや)

“If you have any questions, I’d love to help you!”

Birthday: April 2 (Age 12)

Height: 150 cm

A young girl with wide, green eyes that encapsulates youth. Always ready to befriend and be kind to anyone she meets. After hearing about the incident regarding the Society of Occult Literature club, she decided to join and help out the president. She ends up getting closer to both Lilly and Rea as well, often extending out a helping hand to Lilly. However, she may have her own reasons for wanting to get to know her better.

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